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Tu salud mental, nuestra responsabilidad / Your mental heath, our responsibility

  • ¿Te sientes triste, nervioso/a, estresado/a o sólo/a? Nuestras sesiones individuales te pueden ayudar.

  • ¿Tu relación ya no es lo mismo, notas distancia, incomodidad, miedo, o ira?  Ofrecemos sesiones de pareja, incluyendo una evaluación personalizada de la relación.

  • ¿Te has mudado recentemiento a un nuevo sitio/país, y te sientes fuera de lugar? Nuestra extensa experiencia internacional y formación en psicología cultural nos ha hecho especialistas en este tema.

Con una visión holística, nuestras técnicas se basan sobretodo en el enfoque cognitivo-conductual, ya que cuenta con el mayor soporte de la investigación psicológica. 

En PsIcare, tu salud mental es nuestra prioridad, y estamos aquí para ayudarte a superar los obstáculos que nos puede dar la vida, con la atención y el cuidado que mereces. 

At PsIcare Health we are American-trained, English-speaking psychologists to support you through your journey of living and working in Barcelona and in Spain. 

With first-hand experience living in both cultures, we are therapists that can relate to your experiences and cultural adjustment as Expats.

We offer therapy in English:

  • Individual sessions for adults and children who are suffering a wide range of anxiety and depressive symptoms

  • Couple sessions, including a personalized assessment of the relationship

With a holistic view, our techniques are mainly based within a Cognitive-Behavioral framework, one that psychological research has proven to be most effective. 

At PsIcare, your mental health is our priority, and we are here to help you through your life's hurdles, with the attention and care that you deserve.


Our Services


Individual Sessions

Individual 50-minute sessions for adults and children who are suffering a wide range of psychological distress (e.g., depression, anxiety, PTSD, adjustment issues, cultural distress, alcoholism, sexual abuse, domestic violence)

Price: 39 €


Couples Sessions

During our 50-minute sessions, we will assess the relationship with an interview and a series of questionnaires, and we will work on the most revelant problematic areas, such as communication, cohabitation, and emotional processing, among others.

Price: 59 €

Testimonials ->

"Adriana is very kind and easy to talk to. As a native English speaking person living in Barcelona, I was worried about finding someone suitable, however she has been the perfect person to work through a range of topics. I'm very happy to have found her!"

"Adriana is truly wonderful at what she does. In our sessions I can always feel she is truly present, listening and providing helpful and insightful feedback. She is kind and caring which allows me to feel completely comfortable while opening up about what is going on in my life. She has helped me through one of my most difficult times and I cannot recommend her enough"

"Adriana is attentive and dedicated during the online sessions which I find very useful for such appointments. I can recommend her for consultations whether it is for ways of coping with the current situation or to work on some deeper issues."

"Adriana is a great therapist. She approached our conversation with professionalism. She helped me uncover my personal challenges regarding my sexual orientation and my relationship with my family. This helped prepare me to tackle the issue in a meaningful way. I highly recommend Adriana."

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