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Adriana Bastardas-Albero

Welcome! I am Adriana Bastardas-Albero, the founder of PsIcare Health. I am a psychologist and a researcher with high cultural competency, with experience and international training in the assessment and treatment of adults, adolescents and couples.

Licensing number: 27175

Education and training

  • Masters in Psychology - New York University

  • Masters in Psychobiology and Cognitive Neuroscience - Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona 

  • Bachelors in Psychology - Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona 

Awarded the selective “LaCaixa” Fellowship to study cultural influences on relationships, behavior, personality, emotional expression, and the brain.


  • Administration of behavior therapy and cognitive-behavior therapy in adults and children

  • Support students on academic, professional, and interpersonal problems

  • Implementation and evaluation of an intervention program to help the mental health of at-risk population 

  • Trained to offer help and immediate support to victims of sexual abuse and domestic violence

Research Labs

  • University of Houston - Study of couple conflict and domestic violence 
  • New York University - Study of attraction, love, and the development and maintenance of romantic relationships

  • Columbia University - Study of the mental health of individuals living in supportive housing

  • Universitat Pompeu Fabra - UC Berkeley: Intercultural study of the emotion of awe

  • Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona - Development of a novel personality test 

Publications and Poster Presentations

1. Bastardas-Albero, A., Godfrey, D. A., Bennett, V. E., Kehoe, C.M, Snead,
A. L., & Babcock, J. C. (2020) (book chapter in review). Special Populations: Intimate Partner Violence in Comprehensive Clinical Psychology, 2nd Edition. Elsevier Publishing 

2. Godfrey, D; Kehoe, C; Bastardas-Albero, A; Bennett, V., & Babcock, J.C.
(2020). Empathy Mediates the Relations between Working Memory and
Perpetration of Intimate Partner Violence and Aggression.
Sciences, 10(3), 63

3. Godfrey, D; Bastardas-Albero, A; Bennett, V; Kehoe, C., & Babcock, J.C.
(2020). Behavioral Validation During Conflict Mediates the Relation
Between Dyadic Adjustment and Psychological Aggression: An
Exploratory Analysis Utilizing Actor-Partner Interdependence Mediation
(in review)

4. Godfrey, D. A., Kehoe, C. M., Bennett, V. E., Bastardas-Albero, A., & Babcock, J. C. (2020). Validating measures of emotional abuse with behavioral observations during interpersonal conflict. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships.

5. Bastardas-Albero, A. (2018). The Effects of a Peer-led Health
Intervention and Stressful Life Events on Recovery from Mental Illness.

Poster presented in the NYU MA Research Conference, New York, NY

6. Cladellas, R; Muro, A; Vargas-Guzman, E; Bastardas, A; Goma-i-Freixanet,
M. (2017). Sensation seeking and high school performance. Personality
and Individual Differences, 117,117-121.

7. Gomà-i-Freixanet, M;Valero, S; Mir, I; Bastardas-Albero, A. (2016). Rash
Cash: A comparison between financial and physical risk taking based on
personality theory.
Personality and Individual Differences, 101 (483).

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